Shooting in the uk for the overseas person

The British shooting season is now well under way with the grouse season having started on 12th August “the glorious twelfth” quickly followed by partridge shooting on 1st September and pheasants underway on 1st October with ducks, snipe, woodcock being legal quarry by this time. Grouse finish in mid December with most of the rest stopping on 1st February.

Correct attire is important both for etiquette and practicality. Waterproof clothing is important and also warm clothes as the winter draws nearer. Wearing layers is a good idea however it is important not to end up like the Michelin Man as this will severely restrict your swing with the gun. Tweed plus fours, a good quality Schoffel coat and fleece gillet and some leather lined Chameau wellingtons topped off with a tweed cap or trilby is a good place to start. I have seen a gun new to shooting turn up in full camo which is fine for pigeon shooting but not appropriate for a formal driven day. There are numerous expensive shops in London who will provide your every need however I like to get all my gear from Wadswick Country Store, they have a superb collection of shooting kit along with a gun room for cartridges and guns if required.

If you are lucky enough to have friends who own shoots then you are sorted for an invitation. If not, take a good 200-350 bird day and invite 8 shoot owners then watch the invitations flow in for the following year. The likes of Criddle Field Sports, Roxtons or The Royal Berkshire Shooting School will be able to provide outstanding days shooting tailored to your needs. No day will be complete without The Sporting Driver who will deliver you to and from the shoot, load and look after you throughout the day and offer coaching in the field as an APSI trained shooting instructor.

William Marsden-Smedley has lived in the English countryside most of his life, he makes sure the smalest details are taken care of to make a good day a memorable one. William has been fortunate enough to shoot and fish on some of the finest estates throughout the UK.

William is a member of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (APSI) enabling him to coach and ensure safety in the field.

Please contact William Marsden-Smedley if you have any questions.

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