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Buying London property is one of the largest investments that most people can make in their lifetime. It is essential to seek professional advice whether you are an end user or investor. It is our job to watch, search and study the market every day. We have deep-rooted relationships within the industry and have successfully acted for clients in prime central London for over 30 years.

The best properties are often shared with buying agents weeks before going to the open market. This means our clients have the first option to assess and purchase prime real estate.

Going alone and getting it wrong can end up being far more costly. As London property consultants, we love what we do and we are as careful with our clients’ money as we are with our own.

Our fee

Our fee is a very small percentage of the overall investment and the amount is often saved in negotiations. Finding the right opportunities and being in a position to secure a transaction with a central London property can be fiercely competitive. It is vital to be well advised and able to make informed decisions promptly.


Palace Gate has long-standing relationships within the central London property industry. We work with leading valuers, planners, heritage consultants, tax experts, specialist barristers, surveyors and lawyers. We have successfully supported all of our clients’ investments needs for decades.


Sellers and their estate agents take a buyer who is properly represented more seriously. Estate agents prefer to deal with buyers who have agents as these buyers have already made the mental leap to purchase; they aren’t just window-shopping.


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Palace Gate will

Meet with all prospective clients to establish their aims and objectives.

Assist clients to develop investment strategies.

Develop a clear purchasing strategy that is reflective of client’s needs and the market.

Work within our network to shortlist, preview and arrange viewing tours of on and off-market stock.

Advise on all aspects of the property to ensure our clients make a fully informed decision.

Negotiate the best possible price and terms for our clients.

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Whether buying a home or making an investment, property is often the biggest capital expenditure you will make in your life. We think that having a team whose job it is to watch the market every day, helping you at every step is crucial in helping you make the right decision.

Palace Gate is an independent firm that has been operating in Prime Central London since 1989. We know the market and all its players very well. Our combined years of experience twinned with being an independent firm means we are able to give each client the due care and attention required.

As buying agents we will hear about new opportunities long before they come to market. In a sector where speed and timing is key we can ensure you get through the door first. Knowing the market as well as well do, we are often able to negotiate the best possible price and terms for our clients.

Having been in the industry since 1989, we have accumulated a very extensive black book of contacts which we share with our clients. We know that buying a property isn’t as simple as finding the right one and therefore manage each and every aspect of the buying process from the start.

We charge an initial retainer fee and then a success only commission of the eventually agreed purchase price.

This varies from client to client. We have acted for clients who have bought the first thing they saw whereas others have taken two and a half years. We put in as much time as it takes.

Our service doesn’t just stop once we have completed on your property. We manage property ownership and all the headaches and hassle associated with it. We also offer all our clients 20 hours of lifestyle services to help you settle in faster. Please look at the FAQ section of our lifestyle service.