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Sports Psychology: what is it?

Sports psychology is the art of building mental strength and mental agility to help improve sports performance. For a long time, this discipline has been accessible for those at the top only. But it is clear that the core beliefs of sports psychology are very beneficial for young athletes at all levels. Whether your son/daughter plays an individual or team sport, getting their mind on board will make their sport all the more enjoyable and likely more successful.

Your child and his/her sport

Do you find all too often that your young athlete will train hard, seem motivated and ready to compete, but will for one reason or another haven a (sudden) loss of focus, stamina and confidence when faced with strong competition? Does your child fall back on some ‘bad’ habits if things do not go their way? When they lose or the team is losing? When this happens, how can we help young athletes to bounce back and achieve the best they can do?

Building confidence for Sporting Success

Could we give our children a magic wand to help manage confidence? The answer is partially yes, indeed, Sports psychology can be a huge help in this area. To manage confidence competitors can be taught to unwrap some key information about the mind in general and their mind in particular. They learn to recognise ‘mind traps’ and how to take these out and bring the mind to a neutral state. Learning about the mind at a young age is avoiding many future errors!

Workshops about Sports Psychology by @talksforteens

Our very first workshop, Introduction to Sport Psychology, is designed for young athletes and their parents together. We will discuss a range of common themes and challenges, with an emphasis on tips, tools, and techniques to help participants focus on what they want and how they can get it. For this workshop, we can accommodate up to 30 participants in total.

Follow on workshops, Sports psychology & visualisation will be for young athletes only and will deal with the importance of setting goals, the importance of what you say and how you say it, tools to deal with stress and practice of visualisation for success and successful performance. Workshops will be around 1.5 to 2 hours each and will have a maximum of 16 participants.

All workshops are lead by the very talented Juliette Lloyd. Juliette Lloyd has an MSc in Exercise and Sport Psychology, is a former British junior international rower and has a decade’s experience as a rowing coach at national and international level for the junior GB team. She has spent 10 years at the English Institute of Sport supporting elite performers in a wide variety of sports and has an extraordinary experience with young athletes.

Dates, dates, dates

The next available date for the Introduction to Sports Psychology is on Saturday 25th January 2020 from 4.15 to 6 pm.

Follow-on workshops will be on February 1st, February 8th and March 7th from 4.15 to 6 pm.

Where Marlborough School, Draycott Avenue, Chelsea SW3

Price Introduction to Sports Psychology

                    £ 25,00 per adult

                    £ 15,00 per child

                    Follow-on workshops

                    £ 45,00 per child per workshop

Please get in touch by emailing We look forward to seeing you!

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