What to do with the 1000’s of photos & videos we all have

Most of us have 1000’s or even 100,000’s of digital photos. They are scattered between devices, hard drives & scan-discs. We try cloud solutions, online storage which then sync to our computers and clog it all up again!

If we want to make prints and photo books its more drama! Moving them around to get to the right sites and programs to do what we want with the images.

A passionate family business gone global has the answer! A mother at my son’s school said “use Smug Mug its $6 a month and you can upload as many videos and photos as you want”.

Immediate reaction, whats the catch?

There doesn’t seem to be one! The First time I tested smug mug was when I had a free trial as that same mom from school shared some class photos with me, I was in charge of the year book! As I sat at a real estate conference waiting at our stand for the congregation to come out , using my Ipad Mini i downloaded the Smug Mug app. Within an hour, on conference wifi (sorry organisers) 1000 images were uploaded at at high resolution.

Wow! what a suprise, I was hooked!

You can create galleries, share photos, make photo books & even print prints for the grannies who want to touch and feel and have physical albums like the olden days!

Its a very cute story how Smug Mug came to be.

Founded by Don MacAskill who then hired his father Chris. 13 years on there are now seven SmugMug MacAskills who left their jobs to join the family firm.

In their own words “they are hopelessly in love with the Internet and photography and longed for a safe, beautiful home for their own photos”.

There are no ads and the original resolution is preserved. There are no storage limits and now there are billions of photos and millions of customers, but the same conservative approach and no debt.

Smug Mug is used by Memory Makers and award-winning Professional Photographers, we haven’t even touched on what it can do for the professionals. Most of the employees of Smug Mug were customers before working at Smug Mug.


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

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