How to handle the admission process for the major public schools

It is important as parents to contact the schools directly and not via agents and representatives. Educators like parents who are involved in the education of their children – obviously!

Some schools even face dealing with “fake parents” from overseas residents who choose the UK education system for their offspring but ask friends to stand in as the parents locally!

It is of course totally understandable and acceptable to use experts whose job it is to fully understand the processes and have years of experience helping parents find the right school for their children BUT as a back ground hand holding service.

The best way to get your children into the right schools is not to tutor them but prepare them. Schools see right through the tutored child and it makes them feel very uneasy accepting a child whose true self is hidden behind the tutoring. To get your child into the right schools, first choose the school to suit the child not the child to suit the school then help them present themselves in the best possible light.

Children from 8-18 can really benefit from interactive and fun workshops to really make them think about themselves. At the prep school age it is about encouraging them to think more laterally about their interpersonal and social skills so that they tackle open days and pre-tests and senior school assessments with confidence and ease.

At Sixth form level it is preparing them for their next step and encouraging a smooth transition between school, university and their future careers. This includes interview preparation for Universities and internships as well as how to positively sell themselves within an ever changing and overly competitive market place including the methods of selection currently used by employers not just for full time jobs but also for internships and work experience!

Arabella Davies is the Hampshire/Berkshire Researcher for The Tatler Schools Guide. Please contact Arabella Davies if you have any questions.

The Interview Experience Workshop is a service providing inspirational and motivational group & one one one interview preparation workshops to children aged 11-18.

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