VW scandal, does that mean change your parking permit?

Does the VW emission scandal mean you have to change your parking permit and who will pay?

So, it occurred to us today that if Volkswagen admitted that their emissions figures for some 11 million cars are no longer relevant. Then the V5 Log book for the UK registered cars will have to be changed.

For those of you who have had anything to do with the motor business, you will understand three things about this immediately.

  1. There will be a cost for the change.
  2. The turnaround time will be a minimum of ten working days.
  3. Most importantly, the DVLA are law unto themselves and finding someone to talk to when you need someone to take responsibly is impossible.

One day we will tell you the story of exporting a Maserati with an extra zero, on the log book and how it got stuck in a UK port. Rotting, as customs and the DVLA pushed the paperwork between each other.

But lets not digress ….

So we called the DVLA who put us onto the Department of Transport who said that the department who might be able to help was closed but we could send an enquiry to a dedicated team with a very strange email address. Not forgetting that this dedicated team was closed on a Tuesday.

Hopefully we will hear back from them at some point!

We then spoke to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; we have become very good at listening to music and the very slow countdown to someone answering.

When we did get through to someone and after being back on hold for a little more light music, which to be honest was not a great surprise, the council said:

‘If the emissions of VW cars go up, then YES your permit cost will increase and YES it will have to be changed and YES there will be an admin charge …. To be decided.’

It would seem logical that you will have to send in your permit to the council which means the parking enforcement officers will have a bonanza.

No one is immune!

Thus not only has the Chief Executive changed but all the parking permits in London. What a wonderful unseen revenue stream for the council AND the DVLA.

More to come…..

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