Sophie’s choice – London based holiday club for children aged 5-11

If you are planning how to entertain your little ones during the holidays, help is at hand from a bone fide expert. London resident, qualified teacher and experienced tutor Sophie Duncanson has a plan for everyone.

Miss Sophie’s is a London based holiday club for children aged 5-11. Sophie, who already runs Taste4knowledge, a company which finds cooks and tutors for private homes, has recognised the growing need parents have to entertain children in London during the weekends and long school holidays. Miss Sophie’s incorporates literacy, art, history and science into informal days spent with the children.

Each day is both original and interesting, with children being encouraged to learn through play and hands-on interaction, while being given the opportunity to explore London’s hidden gems. Through trips to, for example The Natural History Museum or Kensington Palace, the children are taken on historical and artistic tours around London’s most famous monuments. Not only do the days inspire and educate children of all ages, but they also enable children to form new friendships and a better understanding of the world around them.

With a ratio of 1:4, adult to child, every child enjoys full participation and lots of teacher contact. Miss Sophie ensures that the trips are designed to engage the children, with activity packs and science experiments on hand to ensure they get the most out of any visit. With a vast array of parks, museums and monuments to visit there is a day to suit everyone, whether aspiring scientist, creative artist or sportsman.

For more information, call Sophie on 07966 224058, or email.

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