Securelybe… “the support you need when you most need it”

SecurelyBe… is that “key person” you do everything with when relocating to a new country. A specialist service dedicated to the practical and emotional part of the relocation cycle.

SecurelyBe offers a unique Settling in Support Program. Why? that is because SecurelyBe focus on making your relocation as stress free as possible and this is how…

You have no forms to fill in. That’s correct, each individual and their specific needs are assessed using friendly videoconferencing.

No need to wasted evenings and weekends reading guides and books; the program entails a series of 1-2-1 meetings in which all information is shown and explained from Transport, Banking services to Childcare options and how to set up the main services at your new home.

They also focus on you and helping you integrate in your new community. You do not have to worry about losing your identity, they help you in becoming “locals” in no time.

Finally, you do not need to feel alone or left alone as SecurelyBe will continue with on-going communication over a 5 month period via emails, video calls, face to face meetings and text.

Simply put, it’s a service that makes you feel like you have an old friend in a new place.

SecurelyBe was voted “The Most Promising New Comer to the Relocation Industry” in 2014 by the Association of relocation professionals.

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