Managing complex lifestyles- Helping you settle faster

Palace Gate Lifestyle was created to help our tenants, buyers and applicants settle in faster – less hassle , less time, less money spent on becoming a Londoner. We are all locals who know Kensington & Chelsea intimately.

The Service can be used as you need – one-off or on-going. Whatever you need we love to help.

Nicky Chambers is in charge of the Service with over 20 years’ experience in managing complex lifestyles. What can we do for you? ‘Anything’ would be a good answer but to help clarify we can define it as follows;

  • House management, you live away and want someone to look after your London base, prepare it when you are coming, stock up and lock up when you go, manage your bills,
  • Travel Management – bookings, check-ins, transfers, arranging the big special event, managing your air miles,
  • Diary Management – too social, too busy, love going to the theatre and the kids’ school schedules are daunting because you have 4 in 4 schools,
  • Pet Management – your pet travels with you, doesn’t travel with you or wants a walker,
  • Kids & School – so important that we have an entirely different section dedicated to them & run by Dr Nanda Shaheen a leading expert in the field of early years learning,
  • Car Management – sourcing, detailing, private plates, export/import, club rental, driving licence transfer and more.

We can get really creative and can also help the wine lovers build a cellar, or buy for normal consumption, go tasting in St James and have dinner with producers. Having a dinner and need a chef and a novel theme? We can help!

How about cultural tours with staff from the British Museum? Tailors – Shoe Makers – Milliners? We can help!

We could go on and on; key holding , garden maintenance, plant watering, alarm management but you get the picture!

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