Guaranteed home improvements

Everyone has a bad builder story to tell, very few people recommend builders fearing something will go wrong or they don’t want to share the good one they found!

Now we can offer extra assurance that building work to your property will be carried out to a high quality, with a service that provides this guarantee. How it works is that you decide what work you need, contact your builder or ask our Home Improvements Guarantee (HIG) partner to help select a contractor.

You and your selected contractor agree a price and sign an agreement for the work or project.

You deposit the agreed amount or the first stage payment into a HSBC “Client Account” provided by Home Improvement Guarantee or Transpact their secure processing partner. The approved builder or tradesmen commences work.

When the work is finished the contractor is paid, or if you have agreed stage payments these are paid on the agreed dates, with your approval.

You can view your own “Client Account” details anytime in the same way as internet banking.

On completion you will be sent an Insurance Backed Guarantee which provides up to ten years protection. You complete a feedback report on the contractor so that future clients can see your comments before they hire.

We are so pleased to be able to offer this service with confidence.

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