Fun tools to promote pencil control & handwriting

At your fingertips; exercising and strengthening fine motor skills promotes pencil control and handwriting. Work those fine motor skills by keeping these tools close at hand….

Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers (Set of 12)

Pick up shells from the sand, cereal from a bowl or Lego from the floor! The more you pinch , the stronger your grip!

Playdoh with a twist! Different colours mean different strengths. Squeeze, Twist, pinch, pull, mould. Fun and functional all in one!

Cando Theraputty Resistive Exercise Putty resistances – Tan thru Black – Set of 6 – 2 oz.

Pull the bee out of the hive with tweezers. No sting here . The only time you will want the kids near these stingers.

Plan Toys Bee Hives

Make the pattern with coloured pegs. Work the fingers and add some colour fun. Will keep them occupied for hours!

Fantacolour Junior Basic

Dr Nanda Shaheen started her career in Washington DC at the Lab school, where she was teaching children with dyslexia, ADHD and dyspraphia from 1990 to 2000. She moved to the UK in 2001 when she was counselor at Nitingale School in Wandsworth, a school for boys with emotional & behavioral difficulties.

Before setting up her own private consultancy Dr Nanda Shaheen was at Eaton House, a traditional prep school for boys from 2003 to 2015 where she was in charge of their SENCO department assessing and screening boys aged 4-8.

Dr Nanda Shaheen obtained her PHD in education in 2000, her Masters degree in special education & learning disabilities in 1991 and a BA in human development. She was educated in English & Swiss boarding schools and attended primary school in Kensington. She understands how to teach children the fun way.

For more information and to ask all the questions you have regarding your children and their learning needs please contact Dr Nanda Shaheen.

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