Crisp, clean modern living – it is so Fulham…

Fulham is were the young families looking for space, style and better value are moving to. With French schools in the ‘hood we can also expect the “Gastronomie” to match the quality of the housing soon!

We have so many French people living in Fulham now that one has to wonder if we should expect to pay South Kensington prices soon! Another favorite hot spot for the French.

Fulham is a fantastic option now for family homes, the houses are wider than their more centrally located cousins that tend to be thinner and taller.

Outside space is not uncommon either, there are some really good modern and practical interiors too.

At time of typing there is interest in this 5 bedroom family home but you never know!

Why not get intouch and see if we have anything else up our sleeves!

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